Sewage Cleanup in Olympia, WA

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When sewage seeps in to cause damage to your property in Olympia, WA, this is not a problem to ignore, postpone, or attempt to clean up yourself. Not only does the exposure to dangerous bacteria pose serious risks, but also warm and moist environments where sewage may back up can lead to mold growth and further damage to your space and your health. When sewage problems are located in any type of property, it’s imperative to begin the professional mitigation process straight away.

Blackwater is home to millions of harmful bacteria, any of which can cause serious health problems when exposed. H2O Away’s professional sewage mitigation services in Olympia, WA work to start the cleanup process saving occupants and structure from any potential exposure while maintaining the integrity of your property. If the property is removed quickly enough, it may even be saved and restored with our professional mitigation services.

All H2O Away technicians in Olympia, WA are IICRC certified to safely handle and restore spaces after a sewage leak. Safe disposal of all waste or contaminated property is carried out to ensure no cross-contamination, the space is cleared and dried to prevent the potential for future mold growth, and your property is restored to its original safe state.

Why Choose H2O Away?

Trained and Certified Sewage Experts in Olympia, WA

Every professional sent to your door to assess sewage situation is trained and certified by the IICRC to safely take care of your problem. This provides peace of mind to each area resident or property owner that their sewage problem has been remedied the right way.

Our Commitment To Customers 

Every customer who calls us for sewage mitigation services in Olympia, WA is treated with the pride and passion we strive to put into every job. By going above and beyond, we are able to restore even the worst sewage situations while treating every customer like part of our family.