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Join Our Plumber Referral Program Today and Become a Platinum Restoration Plumbing Partner!

We’re more than positive that restoration companies have talks with you before about referring jobs, and offering you cash for these jobs. We deeply believe that this type of relationship could cause significant damage to your brand’s reputation. H2O Away’s Plumber Referral Program puts the customer first, while protecting the reputation of both companies involved in the restoration of their property.

Our program provides:

  • 24/7 Rapid Priority Response for our plumbing partners
  • Same-Day payments for closed water damage referrals
  • Free extraction and drying for plumbing mishaps
  • Free moisture detection training for staff
  • Free moisture detection equipment for Platinum Plumbers

Priority Response

As a plumber, you see damage caused by water on a weekly basis; and while you’re able to fix the source, your clients most likely also look to you to provide them a complete solution. When you are a part of H2O Away’s Plumber Referral Program your clients gain access to priority booking, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In most cases, our restoration teams can respond on the same day. Our staff are also happy to speak with your clients before we arrive to answer any questions or concerns they may have. It’s a good thing to remember that most water damage mishaps are covered by homeowners insurance. We have extensive experience in the insurance claims process and will happily work directly with their insurance provider.

Referral Fee

Once you have called in or texted us your referral and we close the job we will immediately load your personalized reloadable VISA to get you paid for each referral.

Plumbing Mishaps

In the rare circumstances that you or your staff cause a water damage incident, then your job will take priority. We will meet with you on-site and extract and dry the affected areas FREE OF CHARGE. These accidents happen, and it’s a great feeling knowing that you have a dependable partner in the business that you can count on.

Breakfast and Education

At H2O Away we believe in educating all of our staff. As a Plumbing Partner, we will happily schedule a time to visit with you and your team so that your company can expertly identify moisture damage. We will even bring the breakfast. This training only takes about 30 minutes to complete, and can easily schedule a time in the morning or over lunch. Call or Text Kristen at (253) 315-4542 to set up a visit.

Free Moisture Meter

As our Plumbing Partner, we will provide you with a simple, handheld moisture meter free of charge. This too is a great and easy way to identify areas affected by water damage. If you’re not sure if an area has been affected by water, give us a call. Our restoration team will happily test the area with our more advanced moisture detection equipment.

At H2O Away we’ve spent many years in building and preserving our reputation amongst our clients. This is why we are eager to work with the area’s best plumbing companies. We’re confident that choosing H2O Away as your partner will elevate your business while enhancing your client’s experience ten fold!

Call or Text Kristen at (253) 315-4542 to enroll in our Plumbing Referral Program Today!