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“After I had a burst pipe our insurance company assigned us to a different company to handle the messy aftermath. After getting pushed off to the side with our house a wreck for over 10 days we were recommended H20 Away. Dominic did more in 15min than the other company did in over a week. This team really is about customer service & couldn’t be more friendly. They get things done. Highly recommend!”

- Tricia Sawtell

Acting Swiftly in Your Water Crisis

The impact of water damage on your residence can be ruinous. From irreparable harm to your possessions to the threat it poses to your well-being, getting in touch with the local experts in Tacoma, WA without delay is crucial.

We are an accredited and seasoned water damage enterprise in Tacoma, WA, specializing in both residential and commercial water damage restoration. Whether you face a minor leak or a severe flood damage disaster, we are prepared to manage any water damage repairs with our reliable and proven water damage solutions.

Tacoma’s Water Damage Cleaning & Restoration Service

Water Damage Restoration Company Tacoma WAIn any water incident within Tacoma, WA, a prompt reaction can change the outcome. H2O Away sends out flood cleaning specialists on the same day of your emergency flooding, ensuring that professionals reach your property without delay. Swift professional intervention prevents further spread or increased devastation from the water damage.

For large-loss from unexpected storm destruction, broken pipe water damage, or just leaky pipe water damage, you require a water damage organization that can respond rapidly. We commit ourselves to inspect your home comprehensively and to eradicate all surplus water and dampness swiftly and thoroughly when emergency water removal is necessary.

Comprehensive Water Damage Solutions for Various Scenarios

Water Damage Services Tacoma WAWater damage often brings to mind significant floods, unless you’ve personally experienced its destructive potential. In numerous instances, it begins with a tiny unnoticed leak behind a wall or from an appliance. As the leak persists, the damage grows and may go unnoticed for an extended period, escalating in severity.
Our residential water damage restoration company in Tacoma is equipped to handle everything! From water removal and extraction to complete rebuilding, we cover any emergency that may arise, such as overflows from sinks, toilets, bathtubs, appliances, broken or leaking pipes, air conditioner leaks, sump pump failure, or crawl space water damage. Our specialists are educated and certified in the most recent restoration and remediation methods and technologies.

Prevent Further Damage with Timely Water Damage Repairs

Water damage intervention in Tacoma, WA allows property owners to sidestep the numerous consequences tied to water damage like damaged hardwood floors, soaked carpets, drooping drywall, structural impairments, and collapsing ceilings. H2O Away professional technicians can remediate and restore these with water damage cleaning services.

Expert Burst Pipe & Frozen Pipe Water Damage Repair Services

At H20 Away, we’re experts in tackling the challenges of frozen pipe water damage, providing end-to-end solutions for both burst pipe repair and meticulous cleanup. Experiencing frozen pipe water damage in your home can be a distressing event, often leading to expensive repairs and significant inconvenience. Our skilled team is prepared to manage every facet of these winter hazards, from responding to frozen pipe burst incidents to the detailed restoration needed for broken pipe water damage. Our prompt action against burst pipes in winter is designed to minimize damage and swiftly bring back a sense of normalcy to your household.

Our proficiency in burst water pipe repair goes beyond mere fixes; we aim to strengthen your plumbing against future cold-weather threats. Additionally, our burst water pipe cleanup procedure is comprehensive, ensuring your living space remains safe, dry, and comfortable. Count on H20 Away as your dedicated winter weather defenders, protecting your home from the risks associated with frozen pipes and their consequential damage.

Sewage Overflow Cleanup & Extraction

Water Damage Cleanup Tacoma WA

As a full-spectrum water damage restoration firm, we are committed to tackling the most severe scenarios, including sewage overflow cleanup and extraction.

Sewage damage in Tacoma, WA is a pressing issue that cannot be overlooked, delayed, or cleaned up without professional assistance. Exposure to hazardous bacteria and damp environments can lead to further complications to both your property and your health. Immediate professional sewage cleaning and removal is essential.

All H2O Away specialists in Tacoma, WA are IICRC authorized to handle sewage extraction securely, restoring spaces after a leak, and ensuring no cross-contamination, drying and clearing space to prevent future mildew, and returning your property to its safe, original condition. Contact us immediately if you require sewage backup cleanup.

Skilled and Accredited Water and Flood Damage Professionals

H2O Away in Tacoma, WA takes pride in offering services to cater to any water damage mitigation needs with our trained and accredited water and flood damage experts. No problem is too big or too small for our services, and no structure is beyond restoration after water damage has occurred.

We stand by you throughout the process, including water extraction, water restoration, and all other water removal services needed to restore your property to normalcy. We utilize all existing water mitigation techniques to provide you with the best residential or commercial property restoration.

Our Dedication to Our Clients

Every customer at H2O Away is treated with utmost dedication and enthusiasm, as our Tacoma experts strive to excel in meeting the region’s water damage cleaning needs. Upon receiving a call, the customer becomes our primary focus, and we tailor our approach to their unique water damage situation.

Round-the-Clock Tacoma Water Damage Restoration Service

We offer top-notch customer assistance, continuous communication throughout the entire process, and address any concerns, inquiries, or modifications as they arise.

If you are faced with upstairs, ground level, or crawl space water damage, our trained and certified experts are equipped to manage all flood cleaning and water damage repairs. We ensure that the affected area is professionally cleaned and restored using the finest water damage services. H2O Away will manage any crisis 24 hours a day. No matter the time, we are ready to serve your needs. If you require water cleanup at your residence or workplace, call us today at 855-426-2929.

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